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What are the benefits to having your wedding dress made?

by Tina Waller ( News )

What are the benefits to having your wedding dress made?

Having your wedding dress custom-made by a wedding dress designer is by far the best option, why? I’ll tell you why in my latest blog….

There are many decisions that go into creating the wedding of your dreams and perhaps the biggest one is choosing the right dress for you.  You are unique, so is your body shape and so is your wedding. So why shouldn’t your wedding dress be? This is one of the biggest reasons why brides decide to have their dress made.

Rather than the sales assistant offering you something that they happen to have on the rack, a made to measure dress provides you with the opportunity to have something that shows off your figure, illuminates your best assets and hides any part of your body you prefer not to show - we all have them!

You will remember feeling good about the journey of seeing your wedding dress come together piece by piece and better yet, custom made especially for you!


Custom-made to fit your body shape

Another big reason to have your dress made is your body shape. If you’re shorter, taller, larger, or smaller than the average person you might struggle to buy a wedding dress in the shop that is going to fit. Yes, they might be able to do some alterations for you but 9 times out of 10 the dress will not fit perfectly on your frame.

Tina Waller is a wedding dress designer based in Maidenhead and works closely with her brides to ensure they have the prefect custom-made wedding dress, no matter what their size or frame.

“I have a lot of dresses that arrive for alterations that need to be taken up quite a lot of inches. If you are 5' 4" or below a standard size, your dress will not only be too long at the hem but also probably too long in the body. If you have a fishtail/trumpet style shaped dress it might not 'fit and flair' at the right places for a shorter person. If a Bride is very petite in both height and figure a regular size dress will swamp her. The ideal solution for these brides would have been to have their wedding dress made to measure to ensure the perfect fit. “

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Dress Fittings: What to Expect?

If you are having your wedding dress made to measure, you will be required to attend a few dress fittings with the dress designer and maker. These fittings get increasingly exciting, as the dress comes into creation and you can see the transformation from trial to completion. Also, these are great moments to bring your mum or bridesmaids with you for a bit of group excitement!

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About Tina Waller

Tina’s passion is designing and making made to measure wedding dresses, the beauty and the simplicity of how it can transform the bride always inspires her, over 25 years later, this is still the part of her job that she loves the best.

Her brides have said that they will miss coming for their fittings and how much they have enjoyed the whole experience. Tina and her clients have fun and laughter along the way which is all part of the service!

Tina is a professional wedding dress designer based in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

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