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What is the cost of wedding dress alterations?

by Tina Waller ( News )

Tina Waller is an experienced seamstress, offering wedding dress alteration services as well as complete dress design and made to measure. She has been a seamstress for over 30 years, making sure brides have their dream wedding dress and ensuring they fit perfectly!

“I want to make sure that when you are budgeting for your wedding you have all the cost information you need in case you need to make alterations.”

When buying a brand-new wedding dress, the shop will have ordered a size nearest to the brides measurements so the fit will be fairly good but alterations will be likely, and usually ‘doable’, e.g. taking up a hem, etc…. always remember the dress is not made to measure!


But what are the costs for alterations?

Tina offers a consultation for any brides to be who need their wedding dress altered. There is a small charge for this, but then this cost is deducted if they choose to go ahead with the alterations.  

Alteration costs can differ in price, between £150.00 - £250.00, some tasks can be less, and very rarely any more than this.

“The costliest alterations usually occur when beads and lace trimmings have to be undone or removed before alterations can be done, and then they are placed on again.” Says Tina.

Tina suggests 3 fitting appointments with her. Not many seamstresses provide this and may only do 1 or 2, but Tina likes to ensure the perfect fit and that the bride is happy.


A shop sample dress is another option, followed by alterations. 

Tina gives some examples of her experience where brides have done this…

“A few times recently Brides have purchased sample gowns and have been told by the shop that they can be let out. In both cases they could not, as the seam allowances were too narrow. One I successfully converted to a corset back and the other had to go back to the shop.

One dress I saw this year was a shop sample of a high-end designer dress, the bride still paid £1,450.00 for the dress (this dress as new would have cost her £3,500.00!). It was in such a state, tatty, grubby, seams falling apart, lots of bits hanging off! It really was not worth that sale price, but as the bride couldn’t afford a new designer dress, she looked passed all the faults and thought she was getting a bargain. The bride needed it let out which couldn't be done as the seams were both too narrow and fraying away. The dress couldn’t be helped so it had to be returned to the store. 


It’s important that when you are buying samples/pre-loved dresses you should be very realistic about what you’re buying. Of course, I can repair, sew back on beads, buttons etc. But it will never look like a ‘brand new’ wedding gown.

IIt's always worth remembering that most dresses can only be taken down successfully by 2 sizes. So, if you have bought a sample gown from a bridal shop, it's important that the dress isn't too big or small"


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Are you interested in having your wedding dress designed? You can also speak to me about my wedding dress design services. I will work with you to help choose the most flattering styles, the most suitable fabrics and guide you through the whole designing and making up process creating your dream dress.



The pictures included in this article are all wedding dresses that Tina has successfully altered. 




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