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Pencil in the date!

by Tina Waller

Pencil in the date!


I understand that a diary and to do list are very important when it comes to planning your wedding day. I want to ensure that your dress, accessories, and other essentials are planned way ahead of your big day. I also want to make sure you have not left anything to the last minute, as how you look and feel in your wedding dress should be an exciting, not stressful experience.

I’m Tina Waller, a wedding dress designer based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and here are my top tips:


Contacting a wedding dress designer

When is the best time to contact a wedding dress designer? My advice, about a year in advance if you are getting married during wedding season (April through to beginning September). Designers will need less time outside of these dates, typically between 7-9 months.

Some brides contact me when they can't find a dress they like, and most times this is too late. So many brides should explore the option of having their dress made earlier, perhaps at the beginning of their dress search. They can then compare whether to have a dress designed and made to measure or choose from a bridal shop.


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It’s essential that all brides book in their alterations with their wedding seamstress as early as possible, even if your dress is due in later in the season. Most brides tend to wait until the dress arrives in the shop and are sometimes left with just a few weeks to go until their big day to book in their alterations. In wedding season this is usually far too late and most wedding dress seamstresses and dressmakers will be booked up.


Let’s not forget the men!

If you’re getting married on the weekend, it’s essential you pick up Mens' Hire Wear on either the Wednesday or Thursday before and get the men to try the complete outfit on straight away. Unfortunately, mistakes do get made and if they need altering, you still have the Friday to sort it out.



When choosing your accessories, i.e. Veils, Combs, Tiaras, Jewellery etc… the best time to do this is when you are trying on your dress.  As a wedding dress designer myself, I always ensure the brides get to see a wide range of accessories and provide advice on what suits the style of the dress.

I also advise brides to have hair trials before choosing what is worn in the hair. In my experience, brides find it easier to decorate the hair style rather than planning a hair style around a head piece. 


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Dress Fitting

A final dress fitting should be around 2 to 3 weeks before the big day. If you’ve got your dress at home, please avoid the temptation of trying it on several times. You could get marks on it and creases from continual handling. Leave it alone, of course have little peaks but leave it to the day!

Also avoid another temptation of showing it to everyone in all the excitement, a couple of special chosen people like your Mum or Grandmother, but don't get carried away.....keep the 'surprise' for the big day! 


There are lots of benefits to having your wedding dress made for you. You will be having a truly bespoke design, that is made-to-measure and will fit you like a glove.  Also, because it is made just for you there will be no alteration costs to add on at the end!

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